Friday, September 11, 2009


Last night we ended up ordering in from The Outback instead (Australian BBQ). It was great!

I had some grilled chicken and shrimp, and I thought one of the shrimp kind of tasted weird, but it was already eaten by then...

I have been up half the night being sick! Sure, it could be a stomach virus, but I put my money on food poisoning... The problem is that with no colon, you get dehydrated super fast and cannot make up for it as easily, since water uptake normally takes place in the colon.

I am so dizzy and weak, and still feeling sick. Ken had to leave extra early, so he could not take Sarah to school, and since I am in no condition to drive, I had to call her in sick. Sucks.

So I hope I will cycle through this crap fast and that I can dehydrate on my own.

Hey, at least I lost 5 lbs over night (mostly water weight I am sure, so not so good...)

Sure hope you guys are having a better start of the weekend! :-)

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Saltistjejen said...

Men oj! KRYA PÅ DIG vännen!!!