Thursday, September 10, 2009

Surgery: Done

Nice that have that over with. It sure was not a pleasant experience, and I think I will just take the afternoon off and relax a bit. Ken has promised Thai take out for dinner, sounds good to me.

I am trying to pick the place we will spend the Thanksgiving Holiday at. Since Sarah is off 5 days we decided it was time to finally get up into the mountains and rent a cabin for the Holiday.

Cozy fireplace (it could be snow up there by then!), hot tub outside, huge deck overlooking a bustling river, and trees dressed in FALL colors as long as the eye can reach!!!

We decided on the Blue Ridge area in Georgia. It is by far the closest mountain range at just 9 hours to drive from here.

The cabins in this area are fully equipped with all kinds of fun stuff, from fire wood for the open fire place, to board games and DVDs to watch on the TV. Add luxury sheets and rocking chairs and swings on the porch with pet friendliness, and you have a mountain getaway perfect for us!

We will bring the Thanksgiving feat with us and drive up the day before Thanksgiving, since Sarah is off that they too. 4 nights should be perfect. Oh how much I miss fall! I am really looking forward to some hikes in the crisp, chilly fall weather with the trees ablaze in bold colors! Now I just have to buy a jacket, I haven't owned one since 1996...!


Saltistjejen said...

Å vad skönt att det är gjort!!! Hopppas nu att du återhämtar dig snabbt efter själva ingreppet.
Låter som ni kommer få en riktigt härlig T-giving! Skönt med extradagar ledigt!
Varma kramar!!!!

Taina said...

Bra! Att allt har gått bra vill säga. Ta det easy nu och njut av maten som du får hem.

Kul att titta på resor och komma iväg några dagar så där. Jag beundrar dem som orkar köra så långa sträckor som 9 timmar! När vi var till DC så tog hemresan 7 timmar. Det var liiite för mycket i min smak. Men barnen klagade faktiskt inte. Och inte hade vi någon dvd i bilen heller...

Sköt om dig nu!

Kramar från CT