Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Key Lime Pie

If there is one thing you should try during your visit in Florida, it is Key Lime Pie. This pie is made with a special type of limes called Key Limes (from the Florida Keys), a little tarter and usually smaller than regular limes. Many grocery stores in the US sell this juice on bottle, but since the pie taste so much better with freshly squeezed juice, you could use regular limes instead.

A few years ago I planted a key lime tree in our back yard, and it has grown a lot! Unfortunately the fruits (plenty of those) have always been small and dried up.

This year however, they are huge and oh so juicy! (Thanks to me watering the tree during the super dry spring months).

Last night I sent Ken and Sarah out to get me a bunch so I could make I pie.

It is very simple, just a graham crust and then 4 egg yolks, a small can of condensed, sweetened milk, half a cup of lime juice, and the zest from the limes you juiced, 12 minutes in the oven at 350 F, let cool and voila! Best served with some whipped cream... Mmmmm. Tart and not too sweet, perfect!


Ewa said...

Såja frestas bara. Tänk inte på att jag testat och tyckte om. Nejdå jag håller mig till äppelpaj á lá Swed

Saltistjejen said...

Vad gott det låter!!
och vad ROLIGT att du kunde baka en med egna limefrukter!!!!

Anonymous said...


Marianne said...

Mmm, det där ser riktigt gott ut! Det ska jag testa!


Petra H said...

Mums! Vet du vad, jag tänker alltid på DIG när jag ser Key lime, paj eller frukt! Kommer ihåg att du nämnt trädet förut.
Jag älskar citronkaka, så det här låter som en kaka jag skulle gilla. Tyvärr är limen här väldigt små och torra. Får se om jag kan få tag på saftiga limefrukter någongång...