Monday, September 14, 2009


I have been waiting all morning for the confirmation of last night's cabin reservation, and finally they contacted me. Turns out someone else got it just before we sent in our reservation request...

So I had to start over... again. Very hard to find something that we both agree on. It has to have great mountain views, easy access to hiking trails, be pet friendly , have Internet access, a hot tub and be somewhat modern in looks.

After a lot of looking and searching a found a replacement, and it is booked, and confirmed. Done! And it was actually cheaper too. I am pretty OK with these views:

Now back to work after all this searching...

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Saltistjejen said...

Men oj! vad snopet.
Fast detta ser ju himla fint ut det också! och bra att det blev lite billigare. Det känns alltid värre om man blir "snuvad" på ngt man trott var klappat o klart, om man sedan måste betala mer för ett nytt ställe.