Wednesday, September 2, 2009

THE Christmas present of the year?

I like to start my Christmas shopping early and kind of spread the cost and job of actually shopping out a bit.

Last week I pre-ordered and paid for two toys that Sarah really want for Christmas. I just had a feeling they might be really popular and I did not want to end up in the situation when I could not find or afford the must have toy of the year.

So I pre-ordered these things called ZhuZhu Pets Hamsters, essentially they are animatronic lifelike hamsters.

Yesterday they officially were for sale.

Oh boy am I glad I did think ahead! Today the toys I ordered for $24.99 and $29.99 respectively are $129.98 and $300!!! Crazy! One is this set and another this set, at

Phew. Good thinking, no I don't have to explain that Santa is in a recession and can't bring her these critters... If I could only be a psychic like this every year, that would be great!


nika said...

You go girl, wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

haha. Vilken tur.
Men skulle det bli problem så får du väl förklara att tomten också har problem nu i den ekonomiskakrisen...

Camilla said...

Vilket fynd!
Ibland galler det att ha tur & att vara smart.

Taina said...

Jag börjar med ett tidigare inlägg om sängen. SÅ fin den blev och mysigt där under. Som en koja!

Smart att sprida ut julklappsinhandlingen. Jag borde nog göra detsamma...tack för tipset och de där leksakerna var riktigt coola. Synd att de är så dyra nu då :(

Jenny said...

Gudars så smart att vara ute i god tid! Jag tänker att jag skulle vara det varje år och så... är det december igen ;-). Men, I ÅR så! Nu känner jag mig motiverad :-D! Kram!