Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scary fruit

The other day when we were watching TV Sarah all of a sudden freaked out over a commercial. She did NOT liek it at all. Of ocurse we rewinded and played it over and over, as the nice parents we are... !

Watch the commercial here.

After we tortured her and she screamed in horror over the feaky talking fruit, sh edecided she needed to end it. So she looked up talking fruit videos on YouTube and watched until it didn't freak her out anymore. (But she still don't like the Mc DOnald's Lemon Guy).

When she search on You Tube, she found a series of movies that ar enow her favorite, the Annoying Orange series. Here is the Annoying Orange web site, but you can also find all the videos on You Tube.

Here is an example of one of the videos.

This could be annoying YOU on a computer soon... :-)


Saltistjejen said...

OMG!! DET var verkligen en annoying apelsin!!!!
OCH pasta!!

SweFloKeto said...

Men tydligen beroendeframkallande för 8-åringar! :-)