Thursday, November 24, 2011

Still sick

I got sick Tuesday, thought I was doing better Wednesday, but Wednesday night was very bad with stomach pain, fever and severe dehydration. When I woke up this morning, Thanksgiving, I was concerned Thanksgiving dinner was in jeopardy...

I was so weak with bad stomach pain. After a shower, lots of drinking and something for the fever I thought I was doing better, so off go the restaurant we went.

So much good food! I could barely handler a small nibble, and now when we are back home I feel just awful.

Concerned my new plumbing without a colon might be up to no good (a regular stomach bug should be better by now), I'm going to wait until tommorow, and if its not better then I will have to see my doctor.

Sarah and Ken just took the dogs go the park, do I'm going to try and sleep a bit, but its hard when my stomach is hurting so much...

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