Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It looks like we have finally found ourselves a bedroom set. We have been looking on for a while now, but we had some demands that were hard to meet. It has to be a fairly new set (so we can look it up online and compare prizes), it has to be a name brand of good quality, it has to have at a minimum a bed frame, two nightstand tables and a dresser with a mirror. This set also have an armoir. The price also have to be at least 70 % off original price. So we found a good looking set, we will go and take a look at it on Saturday afternoon.

Today I am planning on just working until it is time to pick up Sarah, not very exciting.

My stomach has been very messed up for more than a week now. I think there is a clog somewhere, but since I know it is not possible (knock on wood) that it is scar tissue this time, I should be able to flush it out. But it is painful an dirritating to deal with. Sigh.

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