Monday, June 15, 2009

Great weekend!

The view from our living room at the Fountains

I am still kind of tired after my relaxing weekend! Funny that just having fun can be so tiresome?!

We arrived at 4 PM Friday and were greeted by the very friendly staff. We got one of the newer units, a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with 1100 square feet. Enormous! Sarah loved the idea of having a huge jacuzzi in one of the bedrooms. Fun, but not exactly something I would like in real life...

The pools were incredibly fun, one in particular was awesome, with children's spray area and water slides. The toughest part about the weekend was to tear Sarah away from the pool, she loved it!

We had a couple of nice evenings out with great dinners. It was one of those rare moments in crowded Orlando when we were able to just go into a restaurant and get a table right away. Usually there can be quite a long wait at the more popular places in this city.

On Saturday we managed to get in several visits to the pool, and we also had our scheduled timeshare presentation. Ken is interested in buying timeshare points through his company. It would be a really good deal for us, he thinks.

Timeshare points are owned like any other real estate (you can sell, transfer or your children can inherit it), but you can exchange them with a vast amount of other timeshare facilities all over the world for a small fee, and you are not locked in to a particular week, you can go anytime you like, even to places like Sweden, though the properties in Sweden are via a hotel exchange program, but the places they use are pretty well known, like Hotell Birger Jarl and Hotell Diplomat in Stockholm, for instance.

Of course, the price of such a timeshare is much lower buying it as re-sale, so we were not interested in buying directly from the developer, but it was interesting to go to the presentation and see what it was all about.

It took about 2 hours and there were never any pressure or unfriendliness. We kind of enjoyed it, actually. Now we just have to figure out which timeshare resort chain we are interested in, I have scheduled presentations with two more over the summer to get a better overview.

All in all you can't beat the deal we got; 2 nights at an awesome place, and 2 free tickets to Disney World for $69! Just the tickets are worth $75 EACH!

On Sunday we had an early breakfast before heading over to Disney's Hollywood Studios. We like the Magic Kingdom best, but it just feels like we been there twice a year for a few years in a row now, so we needed a change. Hollywood Studious can't beat the Magic Kingdom by far, it is just not the same.

One of Sarah's favorites at Hollywood Studious, "Honey I shrunk the Kids"

This morning I went over to the vet and picked up Bob and Stan. Other people were also there to get their dogs, and they were all greeted by happy dogs with their tails wagging. But Bob and Stan, well, it was an eruption bursting out of the door, they were so overwhelmingly happy to see me they didn't quite know what to do with them self.

On the way home Bob whined a bit and when we turned in on our street he started barking. It was not like his usual bark, though. It was more like a "Man, I am so f**king happy to be home!". They ran a few happy laps inside the house, we went for a walk, and then they were OUT. I don't think they have slept much this weekend, because they have snored the day away...

In other news, Sarah SWAM all by her self for the first time today! I have a feeling she will be like a fish soon, especially since she is starting summer camp on Monday at the Y and will have swim classes every day there!


Anonymous said...

Låter som en härlig helg. Nu får ta ta igen dig när du kommit hem.
Kul att Sarah simmar själv nu. Alldeles lagom till sommaren. du lär inte få en dag utan att hon vill till poolen eller stranden (om hon inte är på camp)...

Mary said...

When you want to buy more points, be sure you purchase on the resale market! In case you don't already know. Compare what they offer at I enjoy your blog and can visualize your family and dogs having a good time.

S w e F l o said...

Thanks Mary! That was what I figured by researching online. I like the different points system, makes more sense than being locked into one place at a certain time every year!