Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slow but steady

Yesterday Ken said there was soooo many kids at the Y when he dropped Sarah off, so she was probably a bit overwhelmed on her first day. But overall she seems to like it. The only negatives she gave me was that they didn't get to stay in the pool more than 1 hour and that an ant bit her. :-)

Tomorrow they have a field trip to the ice skating place in Ellenton, THAT should be a welcome change in the heat!

Myself had a very hard time getting going with work yesterday. I thought up a bunch of ridicules excuses why I wasn't going to do this project, but after all I picked myself up and just did it. I managed to do almost 7,000 words! My regular rate is probably more like 4,000 words, maybe only 3,000 when it is technical like this. Show I am really getting used to the electrical engineering lingo by now. Cool!

My goal is to do just over 3,000 words per day for 9 days, but I have two weekends as buffer if need be. That should be a nice pace. Hopefully I will finish before my deadline on July 6th, but it is nice knowing I got a great start. Usually I start slow and pick up the pace after a few days. My goal is to do one part pf the project today that is just over 6,000 words. We will see how it goes...

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Marianne said...

Oj, du räknar ord när du översätter. Men det blir väl skillnad när det är faktaspråk, förstås. Jag räknar sidor och tio sidor är verkligen supermycket för mig. Hm, undrar hur många ord det är. Måste genast kolla och rapportera. Jag fick upp ett kapitel med 4,5 sidor, det är 2.702 ord. Men det är ju skillnad på översättningar, jag ska väga rytm, stil, ton, synonymer på ett helt annat sätt än i en faktaöversättning.

Lycka till med projektet!