Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend plans

Things have been veeeerrrry sloooow around here this past week.

School is over. Summer is here! Yesterday it rained pretty much all day, and Sarah spent pretty much all day playing with the neighbors.

Today we are going out for lunch at the beach, then we are visiting The Sea Hagg, a very cool local antique shop where they have all kinds of stuff, most with a nautical theme. I mean they got everything! So many cool decorating ideas and curious what nots. The husband have been wanting to go here for a while, so now we are finally going.

Tomorrow we had planned on fishing and then going to the beach, we will see what the weather allows!

Next week I was hoping to get the house all in order. I would love to go on vacation next Friday and be able to come home to a nicely clean house...


mammigranten said...

Ja att få komma hem till ett rent och städat hem vore underbart.
Har alltid varit anti att ta hem folk som städar, men jag börjar ändra mig nu...

skickar en blågul kram

Mamma Mat said...

Tack för titten hos mig på bloggen, och för att stilla din längtan efter hemmagjord potatissallad så kan jag säga att sour creme också fungerar. Ta en mindre mängd från början bara och smaka av efter hand...
Lycka till!
Hälsningar Mamma Mat