Sunday, September 12, 2010


Since Thursday it has been a bit difficult around here. Ken is doing major upgrades at work with his server's firewall and other security things. Nothing has worked out as it was suppose to, the consultant that was supposedly an expert pretty much abandoned Ken midway though the upgrade.

Ken is also very different from me. His glass is always half empty, and he always sees gloom and disaster around the corner :-)! I have pretty much lived by myself these last few days, just doing what I know is best: leaving him be, but quietly offering my full understanding and support.

It seems he was in luck yesterday when a client was in his office for some tax planning. This client turned out to be a network expert, and he was able to get Ken up and running.

There are some issues still with one of the security upgrades, but it seems to be a software problem, so until this can be addressed by the manufacturer he went out to get a band aid solution until then.

This type of stress really gets to Ken very hard. Friday he was suppose to work off site as a consultant, but could not, which resulted in him losing out on over a thousand dollars in consulting fees.

I am sure everything will be just fine, it always work out that way, but it sure is exhausting living with a person who does not have as positive outlook on life in general as I do! :-)

Yesterday Sarah and I went to see Disney on Ice. Since Ken couldn't go she brought her friend Brandon, and they had a really good time together.

This show had Mickey & Minnie and Donald Duck and Daisy Duck traveling between scenes from The Lion King, Lilo & Stitch, The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. Lots of fun!

We had great seats with a good view
Yum, cotton candy (and check out that Flounder hat!)
The Little Mermaid and Prince Eric
Captain Hook before Peter Pan tricked him into the mouth of the Croc
Good show!

After the show we got stuck in a flash flood in the middle of downtown Tampa. It was crazy; one street we had to cross (on foot) had water almost up to my knees! Lets just say we were soaked by the time we got to the car... Not fun to drive home when it is dark, raining like crazy, you are not familiar with your surrounds, you are soaked but have to keep the AC on so the windows don't fog up...

Luckily it was pretty localized and we got out of it pretty fast, but apparently it rained 1 inch (25.5 mm) in less than an hour!

I am so worried about Bob, one of our dogs. He seems to be having some gastrointestinal problems. He has always had a stomach of steel, which worked out great for him since he liked to steal and eat pretty much anything he could get his paws on!

The last year he seems to have gotten more sensitive and he can't handle much of anything, he goes into vomit spells that takes a toll on him.

Last weekend he ate something and got sick, and then again this weekend. I woke up yesterday from some noise that turned out to be the dogs fighting over who would get to eat the candy they had stolen. Bob was running around with half a bag of Halloween candy (candy corn), the other half apparently in his stomach...

Then it started: he just wanted to eat grass (which usually helps him throw up), so I let him be out in the backyard and munch on that (otherwise he will try to eat the houseplants). He then puked most of the day, usually little lakes of water that he drank in between puking... Needless to say he is exhausted today, probably very dehydrated.

Poor Bob trying to feel better

I am worried he might have some kind of cancer, he is pretty old after all. I will probably take him to the vet this week and have them do a full work up on him, the poor thing.

I got him to drink some chicken broth this morning, hopefully he will be himself here again soon. At least he is resting comfortably now...


Anonymous said...

Åh, stackars Bob, hoppas han kryar på sig. Det är så hemskt när våra fyrbenta älsklingar inte mår bra. Jag tycker det är klokt av dig att ta honom till veterinären, så ni får veta vad som ligger till grund för hans illamående.
Håller alla tummar och tassar.
Kramar Petra

Marianne said...

Stackars Bob och stackars Ken! Hoppas den lille blir frisk och att den store får ordning på alla problem. Det är verkligen skrutt när "experter" bara överger en mitt i så där.

Men skoj att föreställningen var så lyckad i alla fall. Haha, den lille kompisen hade tur där, som fick följa med i stället för Ken.