Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I think I am done with work today, unless something comes in later on. Good, because I need to clean and organize my office. I do it quite often, but it tend to get messy fast, probably because I spend most of my work days in there.

Sarah has to go to the doctor this afternoon, looks like she has an infection behind one of her ears. Like a boil, or what probably started out as a pimple or something. I have kept an eye on it for a few weeks, cleaned it and applied antibiotic ointment, but it has not gotten any better, rather the opposite. It is not in the piercing, but higher up. It looks all purple and is very painful, so we need some help getting rid of that.

I also have to go back and get Ken's AC fixed today, they are going to call whenever the part comes in. Apparently the actual panel that controls the AC has to be changed, since it is falling apart. Almost $400, wohoo!

I was able to, with the help of a pen and duct tape, get the AC going yesterday when I had to be out and about all day. Otherwise it would not have been fun, it went up to 100F/38C, so HOT and sweaty for sure...

Bob is doing SO much better, he is definitely back to himself. I was going through old blog postings and discovered a pattern of sort. It seems Bob likes to eat mushrooms every year about this time. And he always get sick, and he always get over it... I caught him yesterday almost eating another mushroom! What was he thinking? We really have to watch him, especially at night when it can be hard to see what he is doing.

I am thinking the mushrooms are to blame, perhaps, and because he is so much older now (he would be well over 70 if he was human), his body just can't handle it so well anymore.

I will keep a hawk eye on him, and if he seems to be sick or this happened again, I will take him to the vet, but since he is doing so well now, I am leaning towards this being another mushroom incident...

Like I said before, he likes to eat anything he can get his paws on! :-)


Marianne said...

Aj, stackars Sarah! Min son hade en böld på rumpan när han var liten, och det var inte roligt att göra av med din. Bakom örat är ju lite knepigt att komma åt. Hoppas de får bukt med den snabbt så att hon slipper det eländet.

Och lille Bob! Du får låsa in allt ätbart på kvällen, så att han inte kommer åt någonting. Speciellt alla champinjoner : )


Desiree said...

Skönt att Bob mår bättre. MÄrkligt vad hundar kan få för sig att stoppa i sig olika saker. Men det är ju bra att du iallafall vet vad du ska hålla koll på vad det gäller honom. Hoppas att Sarah också mår bättre kvickt. Det låter som det gör ganska ont med den infektion hon har. Inte kul med AC enheten heller. Men när man bor i ett tropiskt klimat som ni går så är det ju bara så att man MÅSTE ha AC kosta vad det råkar kosta. Men det är verkligen inte kul att lägga ut mycket pengar på sådant.

Mrs Clapper said...

Vad skönt att vovven mår bättre! Det är så fruktansvärt när de mår dåligt, man är så maktlös.