Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Work day

First day back to work by myself. Peace and quite and hopefully lost of work being done today.

Yesterday was the last day of antibiotics. I have a secret weapon (or two actually) to get me through today.

Align Probiotics. They are expensive as hell, like $1 a pill! But very good at making sure your insides are well balanced. I take them regularly now after getting rid of my colon. Really helps.

My second weapon is a great room spray from The Boy Shop.  A few spritzes of this orangey/grapefruity/mandariney scented oil fills the room with freshens and it immediately perks me up. Awesome!

Now I better get going on this project. And what is the project about? This time it is AUTOCARE PRODUCTS! Not exactly super exciting, but hey, it pays for our tickets to Sweden! :-)

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