Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not a great Saturday

Sarah and I had a great time at her teacher's Easter Party - there was baby chickens, a huge trampoline and crazy hayride, and of course the egg hunt!

It was during the egg hunt that Sarah accidentally ran into a twig and poked her right eye!

First it was really painful and she could barely open the eye, but she was dragged back into all the fun.

When we got home a few hours later she was still seeing fuzzy on that eye, and when I shone a light in it I could see at least two big scratches, like a big X in the middle of her eye, so she had a scratched cornea for sure.

Now the question was, can this wait until Monday or do I need to go to the Emergency Room? I called her doctor's on call number, and he called me back in 20 minutes and told us he wanted us to go to the ER.

There they examined it closely and cleaned it. Sarah did good, even though she wasn't too happy about them squirting all kinds of stuff in her eye, but when the doctor finally told her she had to stay out of the sunlight, no reading, no video games and no TV for 24 hours she broke down and started sobbing! That was the end of the world at least! No TV!?! :-)

They wanted her to see an eye doctor within 24 hours, but that is a bit difficult since that would be on a Sunday, then the doctor wanted us to come back to the ER the next day. Well, that would be way to expensive! So I will keep her home on Monday and try to get a hold of a pediatrician ophthalmologist ASAP.

She also have to get antibiotic eye drops every 4 (waking) hours for a week. Phew!

But it could have been a lot worse, so we are still grateful.


Saltistjejen said...

Å fy stackars Sarah!!!
Hoppas verkligen att det snart går över. Att skad ögat är hemskt. Skönt ändå att det inte blev värre än vad det blev. En av min pappas barndomsvänner skadade sitt öga genom att få en gren i det och han blev blind på det ögat. Tur tur tur att Sarahs öga inte blev värre skadat!

SweFloKeto said...

Ja vi prtade just om det hur det kunde avrit MYCKET värre! Den dagen hon föddes blev hon nästan blind på ögat då hon var lite vild precis efter kejsarsnittet och skar sig på ett instrument från ögonlocket ner till näsan. Hon har fortfarande ett ärr över hela ögonlocket, och vi tänker ofta att TÄNK OM hon hade haft ögat ÖPPET då det hände... Fy sjutton alltså...