Monday, April 18, 2011

Sarah's eye(s)

She was good! The scratch had already healed, and she still sees a little blurry, but she is OK.

They discovered she has 20/40 vision in both eyes, so she has an appointment on May 4th to get fitted for eye glasses.

She is SO excited! She has been wanting eye glasses for weeks now, she REALLY wants them! She says she will look good in them, she has even asked for glasses without a prescription, so bad she wanted them!

Weird kiddo! But I think glasses is kind of looked upon as cool in school nowadays, at least in her school. She also told me I look better in glasses than without. So funny!

Well, she will get her wish now! :-)

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Saltistjejen said...

Vad skönt att allt var bra efter olyckan!
och kul att hon gillar glasögon så mycket. Hoppas hon blir nöjd när hon får dem.