Wednesday, June 5, 2002


I have to say I really love my two dogs! They are my company during the day, and they make sure I get my butt off of the chair in front of the computer once in a while. If it were not for them I would not see the light of the day on days when I have a lot of work. It works out great, because they need to go out and I need exercise as well. Plus, they are very snyggly when you curl up to watch TV at night... They are sometimes a real pain in the behind, they behave somewhat like 6 year olds... But that is kind of part of the fun. Bob turns 2 on June 25th, and since we do not know Stan's birthday (he is a rescued dog around 2 years of age) we intend to celebrate them both on that day. I am getting some doggy ice cream, that seemed to be a great hit from last year!

I better go and make some lunch, I am starving!

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