Thursday, June 6, 2002

Web Site

Well, I have been putting off getting my new web site up and running. I recently switched host, so I have more flexibility now. I have the theme and style sheets ready for the new one, I just need to log a few hours getting all the stuff in there. It needs tweaking and fixing. I guess what happens is that I start and get stuck with some code problem. I have never been much of a HTML pro, that is for sure! My husband have been so busy lately, so I have not wanting to bother him. My goal is to have it up and running before the American Translators Association's next annual conference, which will be in November.

My old site is ok, but I have sooo much more stuff I want up there, plus the new one will be more professional and crisper in its look. This is after all my only means of income, being a translator that is, so my web site should reflect me in a as professional way as possible. It is kind of my online resume. I do not get a lot of work through the site, but I do have around 250 hits a day. So I better get working...

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