Sunday, June 16, 2002

Had some fun...

We actually managed to do a bunch of fun stuff this weekend! Last night we went out for a nice dinner downtown at a fancy place called Victoria's. I hade one of my favorites - grilled shrimp, K had blackened Swordfish. After that we went to see "the Bourne Identity". It was pretty ok. Different to see Matt Damon in a "action heroish" kind of role, but he pulled it off well. Maybe because he played a person who didn't know he was an action kind of guy!

This morning we went for breakfast at the beach at a place called "Gulf Drive Cafe". We usually luck out and see dolphins there, but not this time. After that we took a walk on the beach. They have recently done a major beach restoration, pumped in tons of new sand. The beaches were torn up pretty bad during the hurricane last fall. We then went to this place called The Red Barn Flea Market. We don't really like the place at all; it is kind of like a big mall for rednecks :-) They do have a very nice sea shell shop, so we went there and loaded up on some nice sea shells for decorating our new guest bathroom. We also got some cool metal fish in tropical colors to put on the wall. The bathroom has kind of a tropical Florida theme to it, so it will fit well.

K's sister called us in the middle of the night. She lives in Colorado, and I guess they are having a huge bush fire. It is getting close to where she lives, so they have to evacuate. They are moving most of their belongings to her daughter's house, which is out of harms reach. Luckily she has fire insurance in case the fire gets to her place... Scary!

Well, better get back to work.

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