Saturday, June 8, 2002

Hanging out...

Just hanging out doing pretty much nothing... We are planning on having a nice dinner out downtown, and then see the movie "Sum of all fears". This is usually what we do on Saturdays. We both like good food and good movies, so why not? It is kind of relaxing to go out and take it easy.

Right now there is some thunder outside, it got kind of dark here for a while. We could use some more rain, it clears out the stuffy air. The cool thing about living in a subtropical climate is the summer rains. As clockwork the clouds start to build up in the afternoon and suddenly the sky will open up and the rain will come down 'en masse'... You do not want to be stuck in your car driving on I-75 when this occur; you will be lucky if you can see a few feet in front of you!

Just had some Pepsi and Swedish "pepparkakor". Weird but good combination! The restaurant we are going to tonight is an italian joint that is ok. I feel like having some grilled shrimp or some kind of fish. Brought up on an island I had to eat a LOT of fish when I was a kid. It got kind of tiresom. Now I have rediscovered seafood and really enjoy it! Florida has so much to offer in this department. And the SHRIMP! They are HUGE here! I never liked shrimp until I came here. I still cannot handle stuff like lobster, mussles, oysters or scallops... yuck... I am kind of ok with crawfish if they are in some kind of creamy pasta sauce. Then I might even handle lobster. And New England clam chowder can be good... I am learning, getting better...!

When I came to the US the first time in 1993 I was 19 and I would not eat anything I did not know eactly what it was... I did not even like chinese food (I LOVE asian food now, especially thai). But I have learned... My husband have force-fed me some stuff like snails, shark, alligator (tastes like chicken!)... he can eat anything! Well, he wrinkles his nose at certain Swedish stuff, like pickled red beets, caviar sandwich spread in a tube (don't ask!), but he is very open-minded and eats whatever you put in front of him. He eats weird: he will start with whatever side dish he has, and

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