Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Today will be a day of just... well, nothing! Just some administrative work and some Internet surfing. I am waiting for my doctor to e-mail me an appointment time for my CT-scan (CAT-scan). I am suppose to get that done today. Ken is picking up Sarah, so I pretty much have the entire day to myself. I need to buy some software too. My new computer kick ass, but I thought it came with Frontpage, but apparently not. I need something to update my business web site with. I am sure there are great, free alternatives out there, after all, it is just an HTML editor... Do you guys have any suggestions?

Facebook has turned out to be interesting, I gave up on it there for a while, but then I actually started to find some people! How about two long lost cousins and an aunt? Plus lots of people I used to go to school with, from elementary to high school! Very cool to see what they are all up to nowadays! Some have changed (for the better) some are just like I remember them. Time has gone so fast! You can find me on Facebook under the name Swe Flo. I even found a few of my fellow Swedish bloggers on there!

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