Monday, October 22, 2007

Neverending story!

I don't seem to find a stable, good place after the surgery! After being released from the hospital the second time a week and a half ago, I never really got 100 % better, I could still feel some pain where the infection was. I continued taking an antibiotic when I got home, but was allergic to that kind as well. Switch to Cipro which I did seem to tolerate, but it never really cleared up the last bit of infection... On Friday, the day after stopping the antibiotics, I noticed the pain increased a little bit. Over the weekend it got worse and worse, until finally I contacted my doctor today.

I am so tired of constantly having to deal with these hiccups, and I DO NOT want to go back to the hospital! But the pain is starting to get pretty bad, and these kind of infections are not to be taken lightly... Sigh...

So the doctor gave me two options: either get admitted to the hospital and get IV antibiotics that would hopefully clear things up, but that would put me in the hospital for at least a week, and that would just be too stressful (plus they won't let me eat when there). No thanks!

The other option is to try a double dose of Cipro for 48 hours. We should know by Wednesday if it works or not, if not I have no choice but to be admitted. I am also going to have another CT-scan either today or tomorrow, I am waiting for them to call me with the appointment time now.

I am keeping my fingers crossed so I don't have to go into the hospital again, but if I do, I will try to convince my doctor to let my primary doctor handle it here locally. It would be less stressful. After all, no expert is needed since the infection doesn't involve the pouch. Being closer to home would make our lives a lot easier!


Desiree said...

Oj inget kul att du inte blir av med den där infektionen. Hoppas den ger med sig med dubbel dos så att du slipper bli inlagd igen.

Anne-Marie said...

Men det tycks inte vara någon ände med saker och ting som du råkar ut för. Hoppas verkligen att det hela kan ordna upp sig snabbt. Kram!

aussiekicki said...

Hoppas, hoppas, hoppas att du får må bättre snart! Håller alla tummar och tår!
Många krya på dig hälsningar från Kicki i Sydney

Helén said...

Usch, din stackare! Hoppas verkligen att den här dunderdosen hjälper så du slipper sjukhuset!