Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday we picked up veggies at Gamble Creek Farm again, and this time Ken and the dogs came. Stan tried to eat the young bulls! What on earth made him think he could have any chance against those big animals??? Finally I had to take the dogs for a little walk, he was just so determined to get into their pen and eat them. Crazy dog!

We got lots of yummy veggies in our share:

Summer Squash
Patty Pan Squash
Green Beans
Wax Beans
Sugar Snap Peas
Chard (mangold in Swedish)

Now when everyday life is back to normal, I am going to use the veggies every day.

Even last night, when we were having plain Swedish stewed macaroni and sausage, I blanched green beans, wax beans and sugar snap peas. Then I sauteed some garlic in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and butter, tossed in the greens from the onion tops (taste kind of like green onions/scallions), and a bit of chopped up celery (so fresh!). Then I tossed the blanched veggies in there, scattered some freshly chopped parsley on top. Pretty yummy; crisp and delightful.

Last night's dinner, and yes, gotta have a little ketchup with stewed macaroni...

Sarah is home sick today, so I have a feeling it will be a challenge trying to get any work done, but I have to work... I think I might be fighting a bug of some sort myself, I battled with severe nausea all day yesterday, and still fell it today, plus a slight fever. But, no time for that right now :-)

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mammigranten said...

Ser riktigt gott ut!
Jag gillar verkligen stuvade makaroner, så gör även maken och Wilda, men inte Noah, han äter inget kladdigt. Så det blir inte ofta som vi stuvar..