Thursday, September 15, 2011

On a mission

I HAVE to find the stray cat someplace to go! Now when he has gotten a taste of human affection, he meows outside our window all the time. It was very hard trying to sleep last night, and I am sure the neighbours had a hard time too... He started just after 5 AM this morning again.

I contacted 4 different agencies today via e-mail with deleted information regarding his background. Now when the cat has proven itself to actually be very cuddly it should be possible to adopt him out...

Lets just keep our fingers crossed, I am not sure what else we can do? We can't live with a meowing cat outside our window for ever, and we can't take him inside due to Ken's allergies and the pets we already have.

Sigh... I sure hope I can come up with a solution soon!

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