Monday, December 10, 2007

100 things about me list

I have seen other bloggers do this substantial list. It is suppose to be 100 things to tell you a bit more about myself. Both Desiree and Annika did theirs, both in Swedish. It was very difficult to come up with all 100! Here is mine:

  1. I love to talk. A lot. My family have learned to just but in.
  2. I love to cook; mostly oriental food.
  3. I am pretty good at cooking, but suck at baking bread and other yeast-based goods.
  4. Family is number one for me.
  5. I eat way too much candy…
  6. I hate over processed food, but sometimes I just don’t have time to cook from scratch.
  7. I met my husband on the Internet. In fact, I do a lot on the Net!
  8. I hate coffee.
  9. I love tea.
  10. When working I have to have my Diet Coke.
  11. I am horrible when it comes to cleaning. Horrible!
  12. I don’t mind a mess unless someone is coming over.
  13. I suck at math.
  14. I love animals of all kinds; it bothers me to kill even a fly. I have saved countless hurt animals over the years: squirrels, birds and insects.
  15. Love to read, but rarely have time for a good book nowadays.
  16. My 15 + magazine subscriptions make up for the books I miss (all free via my airline miles)
  17. I wanted to be either a fighter pilot (thanks Top Gun) or a journalist when I was little.
  18. I got a degree in journalism, just to discover that was not for me!
  19. I have published several articles over the years.
  20. I am always thinking about that novel I am slowly writing. It is a pre-teen novel, meant for my daughter’s entertainment.
  21. I have a very lively imagination.
  22. I hate being bored, it stinks!
  23. I often worry about dying; what will happen to my daughter if I do?
  24. I grew up with my grandmother as mom, which gave me a tremendous respect for elderly people.
  25. Can’t stand besserwissers!
  26. I’m a besserwisser, but of course, I’m right most of the time ;-)
  27. I think shopping is great therapy!
  28. I’m the sickliest person I know.
  29. I am into sci-fi, not so much Star Trek as real science.
  30. Thanks to my job I have a pretty extensive knowledge about all kinds of weird odd stuff I would never have know otherwise. As me how a juice machine is put together, or how pharmaceutical sales reps are trained, I know it
  31. I love my job. All I ever wanted was to work with writing and language, and here I am.
  32. I have no gray hairs yet.
  33. Learn quickly.
  34. I am a bit scared to the dark. Mostly I blame that on Twin Peaks that was on TV in the 90s. Also, I figured the chances there are real aliens out there is pretty big. So why do I need the lights on, if they are going to get me they will get me, right? Well, at least I will see them coming… ;-)
  35. People always start talking to me when I am out. I seem to compel people to just tell me there inner thoughts. Eating ice cream on a bench? A lady will start telling me about her recent knee surgery, in grueling detail… These things always happen to me! My husband brings me along as a social shield when going to parties!
  36. I hate large social scenes.
  37. I love small intimate dinner gatherings at people’s homes.
  38. I love to entertain friends.
  39. I have a great attention to detail.
  40. I have a secret dream to do acting. I loved it as a kid.
  41. I hate that my husband work all the time.
  42. I love just being by myself, so having a husband that works all the time is probably a great thing.
  43. I don’t like to fight. I rather take a long walk, let the steam settle and then talk it out.
  44. I live in cropped yoga pants.
  45. I sleep naked, can’t stand any clothes that get tangled. I used to wear long nightgowns when I was little, and over the years I just started to wear less and less. Works great anyway in warm Florida!
  46. I don’t iron clothes. If the husband buys an item that needs ironing (like all his work clothes) he has to send them out.
  47. Am a very good driver.
  48. I am great at figuring out how gadgets work.
  49. I love history and culture. It fascinates me to find out about the different people around the world.
  50. I am not religious, but I believe there is something after death.
  51. Thinks I am going to win the lottery, even though I know I never will… still keeps buying those tickets…
  52. Fantasize what I would do with a lot of money. I think daydreaming is healthy, it keeps me happy so why not? My husband has no understanding for it, he thinks I am serous when I tell him about mini mansions and such, he doesn’t get it that it is just a fantasy. But it could come true, that is the best part of it!
  53. I feel like I can’t keep up with life a lot of times. There are so many things I would like to do, being a better wife, more fun mom, to further myself with different activities.
  54. I am often very tired, probably due to my medical problems.
  55. I love to eat good food; in fact, I consider t a great hobby of mine!
  56. I mostly like to read suspense novels, but documentaries are great too!
  57. I learned to ready through the TV show “Tummen och Tummens mamma” when I was 5.
  58. I want to travel the world, one country at the time.
  59. I am great at organizing things.
  60. I am very compassionate and get very emotionally caught up in other peoples’ situation.
  61. I’d rather check out a hot looking woman than a man, thought I have no sexual interest in them. I think women are more beautiful naked as well.
  62. I have a hard time faking something I don’t believe in. Like participating in a prayer before dinner when mother in law is here. That is so not right to force people to do like you!
  63. I like to be comfortable.
  64. I love nature and being in it.
  65. I have to live close to an ocean to be truly happy. Must be because I grew up on an island.
  66. I get very defensive when people say something bad about Sweden
  67. I wish I could have known my mother; she died when I was just 1.
  68. I take my marriage very serious and don’t look lightly at divorce. Life is not always a party! You have to work things out if there are problems. I think people tend to jump into marriage before they are ready for that kind of commitment.
  69. I feel that the purpose of life is two folded; you are to find a mate and further your genes, but also to be good to others.
  70. I wish there was a portal that could take me anywhere (Sweden) in an instance. For free…
  71. I worry about what will happen when my mom (grandmother) dies. She almost didn’t make it this past year when she had a stroke and several heart attacks. She is a good as new now, but I worry. She is my glue.
  72. I worry about the environment and I feel that (especially the US) can do so much more to minimize our impact on Earth.
  73. I worry about dying. I have so many medical problems, and I have already had 3 different kinds of cancer scares. Sometimes it feels like a heavy stone to carry. Both my parents died too early from cancer as well. But, I do see a lot of doctors, so the chance of things being caught early are great!
  74. I love to watch TV. My DVR is programmed to record all kinds of shows, but I mostly stay away from the reality shows. The only one I follow this season is America’s Next Top Model. It gives you something light to relax to.
  75. I absolutely HATE the carpet in our house! April 28 is the day it is being ripped out, and that will be a day I celebrate for sure! I have lived with this stinker for 3 ½ years now. Hasta La Vista, baby!
  76. I want a summer house on Gotland, my home island. Or at least rent one and spend my summers there!
  77. I am ashamed Sarah doesn’t know much Swedish. Oh how I wish I would never have listened to the “experts” that told me to stop talking Swedish to her, because she was behind in her speech… Grrr!
  78. I was a tomboy when I was younger. I would do all kinds of naught things, climb roof tops, let out cows from their pasture, and shoplift. Just to prove I was a tough one!
  79. I used to draw a lot. I was pretty good at drawing fashion pictures, in pencil. I still have my collection started when I was 9.
  80. I learned English pretty good early on. One of the reasons was all my pen pals from all over the world.
  81. I am a speed-reader. I can read and grasp a text as fast as lightning. I also type very fast.
  82. The older I get, the more I seem to like gossip! I even subscribe to Star magazine.
  83. Music is very important to me. I like pretty much everything except the kind where you can’t make out the lyrics, like rap, opera and some of that weird death metal stuff. Otherwise I am open to all kinds of music.
  84. I love cats, and it is a huge sorrow that my husband is allergic to cats and can’t be in the same house as one. AT least I have the pups to make up for it! I am surprised he isn’t allergic to guinea pigs as well, but that seems to work just fine.
  85. I am not very good at taking pictures, which is kind of embarrassing since we have so many good photographers in my family.
  86. I love the sensation of cleaning my ears with a Q-tip! I heard Sharon Stone shares my feeling for this…
  87. I suck at backing up my computer files. I know, I know… All those photos are worth so much to me.
  88. I worry about Sarah. I shudder just thinking about all the horrible things that can happen to her as she grows up.
  89. I am the most impatient person ever. It has to happen NOW!
  90. I am terrible with money. Thankfully I am married to a CPA; otherwise I would be in trouble!
  91. I love giving gifts. The whole figuring out what kind of gift would fit that person, wrapping it and seeing their face and expression when they open it!
  92. When I get pissed off I often rush into our walk in closet and sits on the floor in the dark and steam. I have been doing this since I was a kid. My husband always looks in there first if he knows I am mad at someone. He thinks it is really funny…
  93. Being at a hospital give me panic attacks, which is not a good thing since I tend to end up there a lot.
  94. I don’t like to get drunk anymore; it just doesn’t feel that great not having control over myself. Being tipsy, on the other hand, is fun.
  95. I am thinking about taking up Spanish. That would be very helpful here in Florida!
  96. I miss the café culture of Sweden. Just hanging out over a large cup of tea, chatting with friends.
  97. Don’t have many friends here. As soon as I get to know anyone, they tend to move away. I really miss my dear friends from Sweden!
  98. Since I started to work from home in 2000 I rarely “get ready” in the mornings anymore. Working form home coupled with Florida’s casual life style isn’t exactly great for a girls looks… No make up, undone hair and sweat pants anyone?
  99. I want and miss having a best friend that I can talk to about everything and hang out with all the time. Over the phone doesn’t count!

100. I am great at arranging furniture and have a good eye for interior design. Just wish my wallet was fatter, I could have so much fun!


Annika said...

Jättekul att läsa! Verkligen!
Nu tycker jag att jag känner dig lite bättre. Dom här sortens listorna är verkligen roliga.
Och du har fått/får jobba mkt med text. Vad roligt!
Hoppas du kan få Sarah att börja prata mer svenska. Vad spännande att du jobbar på en bok!!!
Tack för att du listade dina 100!!

Fia said...

Detta var verkligen kul att läsa, vi har mycket gemensamt. Skrattade gott åt din punkt 98, den hade jag kunnat haft med på min lista. Att sitta i en garderob och sura har jag också gjort.

S w e F l o said...

Svårt att komma på något eget utan att sno från er andra som redan gjort det! Men det är ett utmärkt tillfälle att få en inblick i ens personlighet. Kul grej!

Petra H said...

Ha ha, jag hade också kunnat sätta mig i en garderob och sura... och nu har vi faktiskt en walk-in-closet! Vad synd att "experterna" sa åt dig att sluta snacka svenska med Sarah, jag har läst att två-språkiga barn är lite långsammare att börja tala men att det inte ska vara nga problem när de väl kommer igång. Men, det är väl aldrig för sent? Du kanske kan börja med att läsa någon enkel bok för henne, hon är ju fortfarande inte så gammal..
Kul att få läsa din lista, jag kommenterar inte så ofta men jag gillar din blogg!

S w e F l o said...

Ja Petra, jag lärde mig det EFTER att det var lite sent!De skrämde verkligen upp mig, dom idioterna...

Vi har massor av böcker och filmer på svenska, och vi pratar lite svenska varje dag. Dessutom har vi som tradition att alltid sjunga på svenska vid läggdags. Och det gick av bara farten i somras då vi var i Sverige, så det finns hopp!

Desiree said...

Tyckte mycket om att läsa din lista. Man lär verkligen känna varandra bättre genom dessa 100-listor. Att du är duktig och intereserad av matlagning har jag förstått. Jag uppskattar dina recept som du lägger ut på bloggen då och då.

S w e F l o said...

Tack Desiree! Jag det var ju mest av praktiska skäl som jag började lägga ut mina recept, då har jag dem i säkert förvar tills nästa gång de behövs! Det är ju jättekul att någon annan kan få nytta av dem med. Jag lägger bara upp mina absoluta favoriter.

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Lullun said...

Ja, nu har jag varit lite efter i min bloggläsning, men kul var det! Och intressant! Hoppas verkligen 2008 blir ett år med mycket mindre läkare och sjukhus för dig. Tråkigt det där.