Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I went in to the dentist this morning for a quick fix of one of my lower small molars that chipped on Monday night.

Well, we are talking about me here, who has the worst luck when it comes to anything medical...
I ended up having to have a 2 hour long root canal! Ouch! Guess the damage was too deep to just slap some material on it... So now I have a temporary crown until I get the permanent one in 2 weeks.

So far it has not been that great being me the last 2 weeks. I found out I had yet another basal cell carcinoma, the umpteenth for anyone keeping a count. So that was sliced off. My mom died from Melanoma when I was just 1, and with that genetic wonder egg plus the occurrence of the lesser basal cell carcinoma, I am about 99 % sure to get Melanoma myself. So I will keep slicing things off every 6 months or so.

At least the test they did to see if I had chronic hives came back negative, so I just have regular hives. Yippee!!! *Very sarcastic tone here...*

I am going to see my regular Dr B in 40 minutes, he better not give me nothing but good news, I have already gone over my allowance for bad-medical-stuff-that-can-happen-to-one-person this month :-)

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Desiree said...

Åh nej vad jobbigt med så mycket på en gång. Stor kram på dig.