Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scary situation

I was on the phone when my neighbor, an elderly lady, frantically knocked on the door. She tends to be very emotional, but this time she was practically shaking, and I could barely understand what she was trying to say, but I could tell something bad had happened.

I quickly gathered my things and got Sarah to put on her shoes and went over to her house. She and her husband are very nice people, and they take care of their two grandchildren during the days. The husband had just gone to school to pick up the boy, who is 4, from preschool. Apparently he had passed out in front of the wheel and crashed the car just outside our subdivision. The other grandchild was napping on the couch, so Sarah and I waited with her while the woman drove to pickup the boy, who had been in the car when it crashed.

The details were still sketchy, and family members and the fire department kept calling, I just tried to convey the info that I knew, which wasn't much.

Finally she got back, and she said they still don't know exactly why he had passed out, but he had looked very gray when they brought him into the ambulance. When the EMT's had taken him out of the car they hadn't thought of taking a closer look in the backseat, after all, old guys like this usually don't drive around with small children. So the poor boy sat quietly strapped into his car seat until a woman happened to see him! He was most likely in shock, he was quiet as can be until his grandmother came, then he frantically started to ask for his "papa".

After they got back we let Sarah and him play for a bit so he would be a bit distracted, after all, it was a pretty dramatic thing to be part of! When we knew their son was on the way we left. Poor family! Hopefully there wasn't anything serious wrong with him, but you never know when you get older. My thoughts goes out to them, and I let her know we are here 100 % if she needs any help at all. Typical a thing like this has to happen right before Christmas...

I talked to the neighbor last night, and he was back home. Apparently he probably just had the flu. She said it wasn't exactly the first time he has passed out. He is very sensitive to feeling nauseated, and will pass out from it. She went on joking about how she had morning sickness throughout her three pregnancies and never once passed out... men aren't built as well as women! So it seems everything is back to normal for them. He had apparently been very close to driving into a lake, that could have ended very badly with the kid in the backseat!


Desiree said...

Hoppas att allt är väl med den gamle mannen och att det inte var något allvarligt. Tur att det gick bra med den lille pojken. Jag förstår verkligen att den äldre damen var uppskakad och orolig. Jag hoppas som sagt att de får en bra jul och att det ordnar sig till det bästa.

Annika said...

Sweflo, du måste hålla oss uppdaterade om vad som hände med den gamle mannen. HOPPAS det inte var allvarligt. Fy sjutton så hemskt för alla inblandade.
Hoppas dom får en fin jul!

Annika said...

Skönt att höra att allt är OK, trots allt. Tack för uppdateringen!!

Anne said...

Usch, vilken mardröm. TUR att det slutade lyckligt och dessutom inte verkar något allvarligt med mannen.
Vill inte ens tänka på vad som hänt om han kört ner i sjön.