Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Not a mouse is stirring...

Here I am, sitting with the laptop in front of the TV watching a DVD episode of the series "Big Love", sipping a glass of the yummy vintage I so conveniently gave my husband for Christmas. I hear snoozing and some snoring; kid, husband, dogs and guinea pigs are all sleeping, exhausted from a long, fun day filled with people and food (LOTS of food).

It has been a great Christmas Day that started at 6:30 AM. We open lots of cool presents and then started to prepare our Christmas dinner. I made a spinach dip and a Ranch dip with veggies and pita chips for appetizers, ham (came out yummy) with scalloped potatoes, spinach casserole, green been casserole, honey carrots, fresh baked rolls (and mother in law's sweet potato pie).

We also enjoyed lots of treats and sweets. I was very happy to finally receive my mom's Christmas package from Sweden on Christmas Eve! It was overflowing with goodies, sweet and savory. I was blown away of all the stuff she managed to cram in there this year! It is a tradition I now look forward to and cherish every year, thanks mom!

I am sooo tired after hours of cooking, eating and entertaining! The last guest left after 8 PM! I am now going to enjoy a little quiet time with my wine. Hope you all had a great day!


JaCal said...

God Jul Sweflo! I'm glad to hear you had a great Christmas - and that package sounds wonderful! What a great mom! It sure is worth so much to get a package like that!

Desiree said...

Du verkar ha haft en toppenjul. Vad kul att få ett specillt paket från mamma med massor av små saker och överraskningar. Låter som en underbar tradition. Det blir alltid en massa mat vid jul. Det som är bra är att man inte behöver laga någon mat under de närmaste dagarna utan kan gott överleva på goda rester. Ha en god fortsättning.

Petra H said...

Det låter som du också har haft en härlig jul och vad roligt att julpaketet kom fram perfekt till julafton. Mina föräldrar hade också med sig en massa roliga saker från Sverige - ljus som mormor stöpt, kalender från hemstadens museumförening, tom 2 paket ost (men de var till pojkvännen som älskade svensk ost) etc.
God fortsättning!

Annika said...

God fortsättning, Sweflo!!
Låter som om du har haft en riktigt god jul! Och så BRA att julpaketet hemifrån kom just på JULAFTON!!!
Ha det så bra!!