Sunday, December 2, 2007


First of all: I LOVE my new Swedish vacuum cleaner! I have no words but KICK ASS! Wow... Wish I would have thought of getting one earlier...

Last night just after sunset we went down to an area which is called the Cortez Fishing Village. They have an annual Christmas Boat Parade, and we checked out some of the colorful decorations.

One of the decorated boats getting ready to take off

This morning we had an early start and went for breakfast at a local favorite spot called the Bradenton Beach Cafe. They have an All You Can Eat pancake and sausage special (I am not a big fan, but the rest of the family likes that). We enjoyed beautiful weather of just above 70 F (20C), and you really can't beat the view!

Sarah waiting for the food

The view from our table

After that we headed over to the Anna Maria Island City Pier, where we had some good luck fishing. Sarah caught what we found out from one of the local fishermen is called a snake fish.

Please don't fall in!

She got a snake fish, all by herself!

It was pretty feisty, so we quickly let it back into the ocean...

The weather has been unusually warm lately with temperatures way over 80F (30C). Now I am off to a day of laundry and cleaning the guinea pig cage. Maybe we will make some Swedish knäck or kola too. Yum!

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Desiree said...

Kul med christmas boat parade. Jag älskar min Electrolux dammsugare jag också. Jul och beach stäming i ett när man kolla på dina kort.