Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Toys and hair

If you haven't tried the 20 questions thingy below you got to try! I tried to stump it, but it even got obscure things like miniature pincher. Pretty freaky but cool!

Today I have to get the last toys for our Toys for Tots drive we are doing with my husband's firm. I love the idea of teaching Sarah that she is indeed very fortunate, and that is its a good thing to help others. She has taken pride in carefully selecting the toys, only picking things she herself would have liked, She is very concerned that these kids should be happy with what they get.

She asked me why Santa is not coming to these kids, so I had to come up with a feasible explanation. Fast! I told her that the parents actually buy and wrap the presents, and then give them to Santa, who will deliver them to the kids who have been good. But some parents don't have a lot of money, so Santa enlist help from others to get the toys for those who can't afford them.

She seemed happy with this explanation. I hope that doesn't ruin the whole Santa thing... But she seemed to understand and grasp the idea. After all, Santa shouldn't get all the credit for all those presents under the tree... he he ...

I have, as you know, been sick a lot this fall, and then after that I have been busy working a lot to make up for it. So I haven't exactly had time for a hair cut or anything of that nature. On a whim a called my fabulous hair dresser Patricia, who I have seen for several years. Low and behold she had an appointment on Christmas Eve, so now I am getting my color and cut! I use the semi-permanent color that rinses out, but the salon kind last for months...

The good thing is that her wonderful blowouts last for days if you don.t wash your hair, so I am guaranteed nice hair on Christmas Day. I feel so pudgy and floppy nowadays, so at least I don't have to add bad hair to that... I always tip double when I see her right before Christmas, so the whole visit will run me at least $120, but hey, nice hair is so worth it, and it has been 4 months since I had a cut, 5 since I had it colored. I need it desperately!

PS I am thinking about you during your surgery over there in Australia, Fiona! Good luck!


Fia said...

Det var inte bara snabbt tänkt utan riktigt smart tänkt ditt svar till din dotter om varför tomten behöver lite hjälp!! Impressive!!

Annika said...

Ja!Jag håller ju helt med Fia här! Impressive.
Bra förklaring.
NU ska jag testa "20 frågor". K har ett litet spel, en liten datoriserad grej som det är OMÖJLIGT att slå...Och jättekul att spela. Ska se om jag kan klå webbsidan!

S w e F l o said...

Man vill ju bevara oskuldheten så länge man kan i de små liven, men samtidgt vill man ju ha lite credit för alla presenter man har slått in... Ja Fia, jag satt och försökte komma på så konstiga saker jag kunde. Ibland vann jag! Men spelet kunde tom Gotland!

Vellea said...

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