Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We got a "cold snap" here for a few days, not very cold for most, but we are so used to the warm weather that we really freeze easily here in Florida...

I have been busy the last days tinkering with my computer. I am so sick and tired off it! If someone mentions the words port forwarding or static IP again I will scream!

Oh well, I learned a lot. And I was able to increase my bandwidth with a single super easy step! It went up 4 Mbits! That is huge! All I did was separate the modem, the router and the VoIP box. Their signals can interfere with each other, and it sure made a huge difference! If you want to see how fast your Internet connection is, you can test it here. Just click on a city, It will save your last test so you can compare. Try to separate your modem and your router as much as you can (I know, those cables only stretch so far) and then test the speed again. Cool!

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