Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

The husband is now really sick, but, very surprisingly, he has a chest cold, no stomach bug there at all! Of course, him being a man and all, he seems to be sooo sick, poor man. You could think he was 5 again. He is not much fun to be around when he is sick, unfortunately, Nothing but grumpy and pathetic. How come when women are sick, we are just sick, but men are always so much sicker and always half dying?

He had to go in and work today, he does payroll for a few businesses, and they would not be too happy without their money... So grump-free for the day! :-)

I have been cooking as much fresh and nutritious food as I could over the weekend, hoping to help us getting better. I feel 99 % back to normal. Last night I made lime marinaded spicy carne asada, with guacamole, and beans. As an appetizer we had fresh made salsa and chips. Man that salsa was good! I can still taste it... Mmmm. I have to make some more soon! Ken gave me a bunch of cookbooks for Christmas (which I collect), and one of them was a very good Mexican cookbook, so I had been in the mood for Mexican all week long (except for those days when I was comatose in the bed...)

Back in Sweden I always had a special treat to look forward to on New Years Day. I always watched Ivanhoe on TV! The version from 1982 is so romantic and beautiful! I grew up with this movie and just adored it. So right now I am downloading it. Should be done by tonight. Can't wait... I haven't seen it since New Years Day 1996!

I am planning on cleaning out Christmas today, except for the tree. I am also planning on making my yummy Thai Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner. Ken really needs it!

Have you done any bargain shopping for Christmas Decor yet? This is the time of year to buy your decorations for next year, stuff is always 75 %-90 % off! Good places that we found lots of stuff (including wrapping paper and ribbons, lights etc.) are Target and Walgreen's. Get it while it is still there! We came home with a trunk full for less than $30 yesterday. Great bargains!

We have been having very warm weather in the mid 80F (30C), and I am so thrilled to see that we will get a few days of cold starting on Tuesday night (almost freezing over night!), but then it gets back to the 80s again over the weekend apparently...

I am looking forward to a New Years night with everyone but me sleeping, maybe break out my huge stash of Swedish candy that I haven't had much chance to eat yet, and watch Ivanhoe on the laptop with a dog on each side of me for warmth. Sounds good to me, no need for glitzy parties here! Gott Nytt År!


Desiree said...

Gott nytt år!


Lullun said...

Åhh så mycket läcker mat! Älskar verkligen mexikanskt (även om jag inte är världens största älskare av bönor, vilket ju inte är en fullt så bra kombination...).
Och Ivanhoe! Självklart otroligt viktig till nyår! ÄLSKAR verkligen filmen, trots att jag sett den oräknerliga gånger. Vi spelade nämligen in den på video, syrran & jag, och såg den om och om igen! Och får jag chansen, så ser jag den även nu. Just detta nyår blev det dock inte någon. *snyft*
Gott nytt år till dig och familjen! :-)