Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

This morning Sarah and I stopped by for a quick breakfast at McDonald's, then we were off to our first stop, PetSmart. There we stocked up on some guinea pig supplies (they have to have hay every day, and they love fresh timothy hay). We also got some Christmas presents for them and the dogs. Bob looooves opening presents, so we gotta make sure there are some for them as well. This is also the main reason we cannot put any presents under the tree until the last minute. They would all be opened if he got his way with them!

Then we went over to the mall where we picked up something for Sarah to wear for Christmas Day. I found the cutest red shoes! We normally wear very casual clothes, so I don't want to dolly us up for a day that is mostly spent eating and lounging anyway... But it is nice to wear something special, even though it is comfy that rules! So no starchy dresses or heavy velvety things. After all, it is really hot out still.

We were suppose to attend the annual Santa thing; he arrived in a helicopter (the reindeer are resting up for Christmas), but we got the dates mixed up and missed it. We did promise a visit with Santa, so it will have to be the mall Santa... They had a very nice set up last year, which was also the very first time Sarah sat on his lap. I was kind of against it, but Ken took her, and she loved it! I decided not to send Christmas cards to everyone this year. Maybe we can use Sarah's picture with Santa as an e-mail card this year.

While I was trying on Christmas clothes on Sarah I gave her a very special gift; a 18K gold necklace that was given to me by my dad when I was 15. It has the (in Sweden) very popular "tro, hopp och kärlek" (faith, hope and love) charms on it. It has always been a bit short for me, and now I only wear a necklace with a diamond charm that my dear husband gave me, so it was time someone else started to use this very nice necklace. And it will be a nice memento from her now dead grandfather as well.

Yesterday we did some shopping as well, and I also went by the Scandinavian store to stock up on some Swedish food. My mom is sending me lots of Swedish candy and a few other things, so I only really needed to buy things that can't be sent in the mail. Haven't made it to IKEA yet, so this will have to do. Bummer though, they hadn't gotten their julmust in yet!

Pepparkakor and Kalles. They even had Herrgårdsost this year, my favorite!

Sarah found these great smelling candles at Yankee Candle. Now the entire house smells like gingerbread!

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Desiree said...

Ha ha kul att Bob gillar att öppna presenter. En del svensk julmat blir det på ert julbord också ser jag. Låter underbart med de där gingerbreadljusen.