Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am slowly realizing we now have a signed contract, that the floors actually are coming in on Monday!

I have to pack! The entire house (except for the two bathrooms which will be a later project) is being tiled. That means the entire house has to be emptied! We have a hotel waiting for us on Sunday, so that is the day the actual emptying will take place.

I am trying to pack up all loose items (a lot of stuff!) in boxes, so just the furniture is left. But I can't get boxes anywhere! I am not willing to pay $3 each for boxes.... It seems like most stores now a days compact all their boxes after they are unpacked. No more going behind a grocery store to get a bunch of sturdy banana boxes...

I asked at Wal-Mart, and they said I could get as many boxes I wanted. If I came in when their trucks unload. Which is between midnight and 4 AM. So not so interested in those.

We have an Office Depot just around the corner, and it seems like they just fold their boxes and place them outside in a recycle container. We were able to get a few there over the weekend. I think I will stop by there today and ask if they have a good stash hidden inside. Just in case! Anyone have any good tips on how to get free boxes?

After picking Sarah up we are getting some lunch and then heading over to our friend L's house. She needs some help figuring out a new software she needs to use for work, and then we are going to hang at their pool for a while. I got a new pool float I can't wait to try, I am like a big kid that way! :-)

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