Friday, April 25, 2008


Had the dryer looked at. The problem with fancy modern equipment is of course that there are more sensitive components that can brake. In our case it turned out we needed a new control board. It pretty much looked like inside a computer when he took the cover off.

It is going to take a week to order the part and it costs all in all $306!!! I could get a low-end dryer brand new for that... Grumble... But it is a $1,000 dryer, so I am not giving up on it that easy. Half the cost is labor, the other half is parts. The control board is essential a mother board, just like in a computer, therefore the high price...

So that was the money I had planned to use for a new grill. I guess that will have to wait!

The worst thing about this is I was planning on doing lots of laundry, since we will be in a hotel all next week. I am doing one big load of the essential stuff this morning, and then I will take that stuff over to L's place and use the dryer there, they have a coin operated laundry room. It is for residents only, but since we lived in that apartment complex for 8 years I don't feel too bad about using one of their dryers...

It is getting down to the minute here: only today and tomorrow left to pack everything up! A huge benefit is that I haev been forced to empty all drawers and what nots, and there is STUFF everywhere right now. But this also means I have had a golden opportunity to weed out stuff that really isn't needed. I have been dropping off load after load at Goodwill. It also turned out to be a great opportunity to teach Sarah about donations and why I am doing it. Well, to get rid of a lot of crap, naturally, but in doing so actually benefiting someone less fortunate. She was really thinking about the concept yesterday after our visit to Goodwill, and the fact that everyone else is not just like her. That there are people who need to seriously pinch their pennies.

I better keep packing now. It is going to be a loooong weekend with a lot of work. I will try to take some pictures on Sunday after the house have been emptied, so we can get some before and after pictures. Very exciting though!


Petra H said...

Shit, vilken dyr reparation!! Men om torktumlaren är värd så mycket mer så är det väl värt att betala det... men jag förstår att det känns surt!
Vad spännande med före och efter foton, ser framemot dem - lycka till med ihoppackningen nu och trevlig helg!

Jessica said...

njut av veckan pa hotel. Ingen matlagning, stadning och alla dem dar masten.