Monday, April 28, 2008

Empty house!

Yesterday was a long day. We started out by having breakfast out, and then it was non-stop for about 5 hours. The dogs were not happy about all the furniture disappearing, one piece at a time. They figured something big was going on!

When it came to the last pieces, the office desks, we had to ask a neighbor for help, I just couldn't lift one of those desks if I tried all day! Unfortunately the guy was a bit too old and weak as well, they dropped one of the pieces and damaged it. Next weekend when it is time to put the stuff back, we will ask a younger, more muscular neighbor for help ;-)!

I shot a short video of the before look, and will add another video after everything is all done.

The floors were horrid. And all that weird stuff we found underneath the couches! So glad to see that nasty carpet go. And the not so wonderful teal tile.

We checked in to the hotel around 5:30 PM last night. Everything here has recently been remodeled, so that entire place has a very fresh, almost Scandinavian feel to it.

I am not so happy to be crammed into a small hotel room with two dogs all week, but all for the sake of new floors.

I have a lot of work to do this week, and first I was very upset when there was no outlet to hook my regular computer up to. They had told me over the phone that there would be. We still had our laptop, but all my work stuff is on the big computer... Ken was luckily able to tap into the wireless Internet with his portable router, so now I am all set (though at a tenth of the speed I am used to from home!).

Here is the before video:
(Sorry about the "upside-down" sections, I thought the camera follows the movement like it does when taking pictures, still learning how to use my new camera!)


Petra H said...

Kul att se ert hus även om det är ganska tomt för tillfället! Det ska bli jättespännande att se hur fina golven blir!
Såg förresten ett program på HGTV om ett par som bodde i Bradenton - tänkte på dig!!

Anne said...

Instämmer med föregående talare, det ska bli jättespännande att se hur de fina golven blir. Jobbigt bo på hotell, men som du säger, det är det värt!!!