Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sarah has this odd thing she likes to do - it is very important to her to press down on the correct "dimple" on top of her fountain drink - you know, those little things on the soda lids that you can mark what kind of drink is in the cup, so you won't mix them up if you have ordered several.

She likes to press hers, and since she never drink root beer (RB), Coke (COLA), or anything non-sugar (DIET), her drink is usually a lemonade, which would be OTHER. And she always asks me: "Which one do I have, mommy?", so she can press the correct "dimple".

After we had lunch today we were in the car, and she asked me from the back of the car which one she had, and since not all lids are the same, she wanted me to look at her drink. I informed her I couldn't since I had to drive. She was very impatient, and finally I told her she had OTHER and to just look for it herself. She starts to sound out the different options and finally I hear her spell: "O-T-H-E-R - OTHER! I got it mommy!"

Wow! She actually managed to read the word and figure it out! Not bad for an almost 5 year old! So now I am a very proud mommy... See what a little bit of motivation can do? :-)


Desiree said...

Wow, det var duktigt av Sarah. Klok liten tjej du har.

Saltistjejen said...

Klart du ska vara stolt!! Det var ju super att Sara redan nu har nyckeln till läsningen! Kul!

Petra H said...

Oj, vad roligt! Och kul att du var pedagogisk utan att tänka på det ;-)

Annika said...

Ja, klart man blir stolt över sånt där. Det var duktigt av Sarah!