Friday, April 4, 2008

Mountain Cabin

For years we have been talking about driving up to any of the nearby mountains and rent a cabin for a few days. Just relax, enjoy a different kind of nature with mountains and rivers.

My problem trying to find a place is that there are so many!

Our idea was South or North Carolina, or maybe Georgia. Preferably somewhat close to Florida, since it most likely will be a 9-10 hours drive up there.

So do you have any ideas? Just of an area, the cabin itself I can find after having figured out where I am going to look. Only requirement is that it is in a mountainous area with rivers.

I am not looking forward to the actual drive, with the dogs, though they tend to mellow down after 30 minutes of driving or so...

Just something we are thinking about at the end of summer when the temperature is just unbearable here. A little getaway, change of scenery. A bit of R&R.

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