Friday, February 22, 2013


Finally! Yesterday was tough, I had a very high set goal for work, but I made it! Thanks to that I was actually able to relax last night when I got home, instead of having to work.

When I get back from the gym later today it will be back to the grind, I have a big load of work this weekend...  But I will start it of with early yoga tomorrow morning! :-)

Last night it was Girl Scouts again, and apparently I am in charge of the next party committee, which will be the Easter Party.

Sarah and three other girls are on the committee. They are responsible for coming up with all the games and activities, budget and follow through, as well as stuffing the eggs for the Egg Hunt.

I volunteered to get all the food and drink, since it will be an outdoor party with an egg hunt. I did the food and drink for last year's Easter Party as well. We will meet and figure things out at our house a few weeks before the party.

Just took the boys for a long walk, now, off to Body Pump!

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Saltistjejen said...

Så skönt att du fick jobbet gjort! Hurra för dig!
och du det låter kul med kommittén.
Ha nu en fin helg!