Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello Monday

I did NOT have a good weekend, but that is that and now it is a NEW week! :-)

It started with having a LOT of work. Lots. Friday night I felt good about it, knowing I would be OK since I did a big chunk on Friday. But I was tired and beat by Friday night, and I let myself be convinced it would be a great idea for me and the husband to eat the two boxes of Girl Scout cookies we had at home. Suuuurrree! A little treat would not set me back that much, right?

Well, Saturday I woke up stressed about work, ended up not eating anything for breakfast or lunch. When dinner time came around it turned out Ken would be stuck at work until at least 8 PM. So I ate some more cookies... And then he decided he might as well bring home hamburgers since he was so late! Repeat this on Sunday, but replace the hamburgers with Chinese food.

Ugh... I feel all hung over from this weekend, all blah. It was NOT worth it. No more.

I will get back to my regular LCHF diet now, and to make sure I do good I started with my trusted eggs and bacon this morning. But I am sure it will take a few days to get rid of that carb craving that inevitable comes after this weekend's indulgence...

Today is the last day of the big project, it is due tomorrow morning, UK time, so essentially tonight. I don't think that will be a problem at all. And I am very happy the cookies are gone!

Sugar is like a drug to me, can't just have one, oh no... So I better have NONE.

I fell off the wagon. No big deal, I will stand up straight, dust myself off and try again. I am very happy with having lost 15 lbs so far. I am exercising regularly, I am doing good!


Anonymous said...

Det kan nog vara "bra" ibland att ramla av vagnen, då ser/känner man ju hur otroligt duktig man har varit och varför man har ansträngt sig så.
Sen kanske man inte behöver kollapsa så totalt som ni gjorde i helgen om man nu ska "unna" sig något, men som du säger, bara att resa sig och köra på igen.
Du verkar ju hitta en massa gosaker att äta på som passar din diet.
Om det blir så att jag kommer i november så kan det bli en tuffmatch att hänga på dig om du fortsätter träna så bra som du gjort hittills.


SweFlo said...

Mari, du har ju flera ÅR av grundfysik som jag inte har, så det lär inte vara några problem för dig inte! EFte rvi kommer hem från kryssningen i juni ska jag börja så smått att springa. Det är det värsta som finsn för mig, men måste börja bygga upp den delen om jag ska palla med Tough Mudder! :-)