Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Nice to have Monday done with. It was all work yesterday, but the big job is now finished and sent off.

Today Sarah has FCAT test in writing, the FCAT is the standardized Florida test that determines a lot of things, it is serious stuff. It affect funding to the school and ultimately it can lead to retention for students who did not perform well.

I am sure Sarah will do well today, writing is not a problem for her. In mid April they have a week of FCAT tests in math, and that is however another story. The math has been very tough lately and she has struggled to keep up. A few days home being sick meant she was often lost when she came back. The math is so incredibly fast phased and tough for 4th grade. Nothing at all how it was when Ken and I were kids, that is for sure.

I feel bad for the kids who has to deal with this type of stress so early on. They get grades every quarter here and Sarah had an A in math last quarter. This quarter she missed two math tests because she was sick and that brought her grade down to a D! A D! For two missed tests! I tried to explain to her it doesn't mean she is bad, that she has to remember she had an A and that the final grade for 4th grade will take that into account. We also decided she will not stay home anymore this semester unless she is super sick. It is so messed up it has to be like this!

I try to keep it low key at home and we support her as much as we can, but they sure have a heavy load on them in school...

Talking about heavy load, their backpacks are insanely heavy! They are required to carry all their books with them in their backpacks, since they go to different classrooms and teachers throughout the days. These books are bricks! At least in middle school I think they get lockers, so they don't have to haul these heavy loads around. I can barely lift her pack sometimes, not healthy!

Today I will have mostly a day off. Need to get caught up with the house, it is a mess all over. Going to yoga later, but I have really bad joint pain in my right hand/base of the thumb. Thanks to the carb feast over the weekend! :-( Technically that and the big storm we have coming over us, coupled with a BIG temperature drop starting tonight. My joints probably wouldn't react if I had stayed on the diet, but nothing I can do about that now.

Not sure if I can handle Body Pump tomorrow, since I can't grip the barbell with my thumb like this.

On Friday I am going to chaperon Sarah's class when they go to a field trip to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, so no Body Pump then either. I might have to make this a yoga only week and take the loss. My own fault for being so weak this weekend, but it just proves it is NOT worth it eating carbs... Not at all...

So I messed up pretty much a week of progress with the help of a box of cookies, a hamburger and a plate of Chinese food. Ugh...

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