Friday, February 22, 2013


The weather is back to it's usual warm, and today it was a bit extra hot, since they were doing maintenance at the gym, and the AC was off in our class room!

There were big fans, but still - extra sweaty!

I was brave today and did everything with the mid range weight rather than the light one. I survived but had to skip a few reps due to muscle failure/fatigue, but it felt like a good move!

In Body Pump there are three different weights, light, medium and heavy, and you can also co´mbine these and even do two of the heaviest on each if you wanted. So there are a lot of weight combos to choose from. You tend to do a lot lighter weights then what you would in traditional weight lifting, since you do so many reps. 800 in one class!

You can truly customize the class to fit your needs and continue to grow and handle heavier weights if you want. The class is all about muscle endurance, not size, though.

I just had a great salad with grilled chicken and a shower, now I have a little less than two hours of work before picking up Sarah from school...

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