Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cell phone pictures from the hospital

I know I was pretty out of it at times during my hospital stay. For instance, I contacted a dear old friend the other day, because we were suppose to be at a dinner at their house last Sunday. To my surprise she told me I had called her that day and talked to her. I have no whatsoever memory of it!

I also happened to see so photos on my cell phone (mobil) today, that I don't remember taking. They are all pretty fuzzy, but here they are anyway:

Me with the hated nasal gastric tube sucking away fluid from my stomach.

Here you can truly see how huge my stomach got! At least 7 months pregnant size... Glad it is almost normal now!

My view every day; the board with the daily info.

Dinner! Yum-O; pureed canned peaches...

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Anonymous said...

Ja du Tina... ibland är avstånd så förbannat stort... jag önskar vi bott närmare varann.. jag kan bara skänka dig en tanke regelbundet... känns så fjuttigt...