Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't look at this if you easily get queesy...

The new nurse (had weekend nurse, now got to meet my case manager) just left. Everything looks OK with the wound. She is concerned that my fast heart rate (13o) is contributing to making me feel weak and dizzy, so she is trying to get me a medication to lower my heart rate. I have always been slightly tachycardic (fast heart rate), but when I am sick or in pain it goes up a lot. I had to wear a heart rate monitor in the hospital, and every time the heart rate went above 120 they would come in and inject something to lower it. I don't have that luxury at home, but I think I need something. It is kind of like always jogging, having your heart rate that high. It wears on you for sure.

Someone requested a picture of the hole, so here it is. Yuck.

I feel a bit less weak today, so I am hoping that is a good sign. But it is tough. I am planning on picking Sarah up from school at 3:05 PM. I think I should be OK for that 5 minute ride, as long as I am sitting down.

Ken had over 80 applicants for the full time staff accountant position. Out of those that look good enough on paper to test, only 2 passed the skill test they have to do. That is scary. He so desperately needs help now! He has another interview today (that is why I have to pick up Sarah), and this person sounds very promising. Ken had a very upset stomach last night and just feeling really bad, all the stress is getting to him. He has so much work, but only himself to do it. He hopes he can get someone to start next week! At least he has his administrative assistant, but she can't do bookkeeping and tax returns... If he can get help, I can get my husband back, so lets keep our fingers crossed!


Saltistjejen said...

Ojojoj jag hoppas verkligen att du inte förtar dig utan att du får vila också. Det behöver du ju för att bli bättre.
Och så hoppas jag att Ken snart får tag på duktig personal så att han inte behöver arbeta lika hårt hela tiden utan kan få lite "vlastnign" utan att detta behöver betyda sämre produktion.


Petra H said...

Ojoj, vilket hål! Nu förstår jag bättre vad du menade med hål...
Håller tummarna att Ken hittar en bra assistent så att ni alla får det lite lugnare där hemma också. Det är ju inte bra om han också blir sjuk!