Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great teacher

Yesterday I got a call from Sarah's new Kindergarten teacher. I guess because I had mentioned on a form that another language but English was spoken at her home, she wanted to call and ask about it. I said that unfortunately Sarah would not be considered bilingual. We chatted a while about languages and cultures, and she seemed very sharp and up to date with her info. Good to know Sarah is learning from someone who has a grip on the world.

The neighbour never came by yesterday, and she just came by to take the dogs out, very apologetic. She had been stuck in court with her son all day, and she was just so wrapped up in that so she completely forgot. It was not fun walking the dogs myself, I just don't have enough energy for it, especially in this pressing heat!

I am trying to clean as much as I can today, since even if I know my cousin really probably don't care, I do. So I do something, then sit down with a bit of cold sweat.

I am saving my shower for this afternoon, since I have a feeling it will be a very sweaty day. How I am possibly going to sit outside for 30 minutes during swim class is beyond me. Maybe I will stand in the air conditioned lobby and look out the window in the door. I would have to explain to Sarah why and that I am watching her, so she wouldn't be worried. Or I will just have to dress cool, bring something to fan myself and a bottle of cold water. Then change clothes when I get back home. Or, as I am thinking, stay sweaty and just take a shower after we get home. After all, Sarah is going to need a bath anyway after the pool, so I might as well bring her into the master shower, she loves taking a shower in there with me, with a ton of toys...

I made enough spaghetti and meat sauce last night so we can have it today for dinner, so all I have to do is heat myself a plate. We should have enough time. Mari won't land until 7:45 PM, so we don't need to leave until 6:45 PM. Sarah has been begging to come with me. I really would prefer if she stays home and goes to bed in time, since we probably won't be home until 9:30-10 PM, but we will bring her pajamas, ans she can change into it before we leave for home. The car ride home is 45 minutes in the dark, so she will probably fall asleep. We could just carry her into bed. No big deal. She is so excited about Mari coming, so I don't have the heart telling her no.

Now, some lunch then some more cleaning!

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