Friday, August 22, 2008


Just wanted to post a very quick update, I just walked in the door! I was sooo relieved to find out that there was no infection, but "just" a large blood clot sitting in the stomach wanting out. I got to my surgeant's office as soon as they opened, and he was not so concerned as I was. I pretty much thought I was toast!

He proceeded by opening up a couple of the staples, putting his fingers inside my stomach, and pulling out long strings of old blood. Then he packed the entire thing full of gauze and sent me up to a room. I was in chock, I would have been chocked just watching that on TV, but seeing someone doing that to your own stomach was more than freaky!

I just feel so relieved and the huge pain I had is gone! Now it is just burning and stinging. They left the hole open, and a nurse will come to my house and care for the wound for a while. They took the rest of the staples out as well, but that part of the wound is nice and close.

Plus, they had no luck finding a vein on me, so many people tried, and after many, many blown veins they finally gave up and had a pick line implanted on my again. That is a central line that goes from your upper arm all the way into your chest cavity. It will stay in place for a couple of weeks, since he is not 100 % convinced I will stay out of the hospital, and that way I don't have to go though the whole procedure again, it is a like a mini surgery. The home care nurse will take care of the pick line as well, it needs to be flushed with saline regularly so it won't clot.

I am tired but feel really good, the worst is over, and I feel like I am really done with being sick. :-)! I am ready for some Swedish visitors and some fun. I think the weekend will be just all I need to rest, I just feel really rejuvenated after this hospital stay, I slept 9½ hours last night, that felt good, and I have nothing to worry about anymore.

Now I am going to have some REAL food with my family. (No more purees, yeay!)

Have a great wonderful weekend all of you! I appreciate all of your concerns and well wishes, it really helps, actually! Thank you all!


Saltistjejen said...

Å vad skönt att du är hemma igen! Och härligt att du inte har lika ont längre. Jag har tänkt på dig sedan jag lsäte ditt senaste inlägg och varit orolig, men nu behöver jag kanske inte vara det längre då?
Men Hu vad LÄSKIGT det lät med hela proceduren!!!!!!!! Jag vet inte, men det låter så otäckt och helt overkligt att se något sådant. Att se någon gräva i ens egen kropp!!! Himmel! Att du itne svimmade.
Nu hoppas jag att du kan ta det lugtn lugnt lugnt så du återhämtar dig snabbt!
Många kramar!!!!!!!!

JaCal said...

Oh, that's GREAT news - I'm soooooo happy for you! It must have been so scary - gosh, I can't even look when I do my labtests and I have to do that several times a year. You a true champ! 9,5 hours - seems you should sleep for 24 hours at least to just get rest after this ordeal!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that things will now calm down for you!! Enough for Sweflo!!


Kiddan said...

Oh YES! Nu kan jag släppa alla tummar och tår som hölls för dej! Härligt!

Helén said...

Skönt att höra att allt gick så bra och att du är hemma igen! Håller tummarna för att det inte blir några fler komplikationer.

Anonymous said...

Sååå himla glad för din skull gumman, du lät MYCKET piggare i telefonen igår. Vila nu så att du kan njuta av ditt besök!!

you´r friend Anna