Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yesterday was a busy day for me, considering. I picked Sarah up at 3, then we went to the grocery store, with the help of one of those electrical chairs the Americans are good in providing for people who can't walk well.

After that we got home and got ready for swim class which started at 5 PM. Oh boy! I have never taken her before, and she had a great time, but I was sitting outside in semi-shade for 30 minutes in way over 95F/30C degrees. THAT was not fun when you are weak...

I had to rest up a bit after getting home, then I made Sarah dinner and a casserole for me and Ken. It had crispy bacon and grilled chicken, spices, cream and grated cheese. Pretty good with rice and a salad. The only problem is that my stomach (probably from the antibiotics) has a hard time with food.

After making dinner I was really tired again, but felt pretty good later and played board games with Sarah before putting her to bed.

I was so tired after all that, so at 9:45 PM both Ken and I went to bed. He sure needed it!

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting around hating the arm tubing. It is sore and extremely uncomfortable. Then I had this idea of asking to have it removed, I just can't wait until next Tuesday... So I called, and after the doctor lectured me on how I would have to go though the surgery again to have it implanted if I needed to go back into the hospital, he said he would allow the nurse to take it out today!

That is awesome! Sure will make me feel normal again. She is going to talk to the doctor first, and if he says OK we might also be able to stop packing gauze in the wound, letting it start to close up (face it, a big open hole is not comfortable). That would be the cherry on top, but I am happy just about the tubing. This will make it possible for me to take an actual shower. A shower! Oh how I long for a real shower! I think I would be able to just shower with the bandage and change it after I get out.

Nothing makes you feel like a "whole person" again like a shower...

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