Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold front is here!

The beginnings of the cold front came for sure over night. Here in Florida we shiver anytime the temperature dips below 20C, so to my dismay I saw it was only 7C when I took Sarah to school this morning!

At least it is cozy here in my office, with the heat on, my slippers on, and my big, soft cardigan...

After school yesterday Sarah and I went to the big outlet mall in Ellenton in hopes of finding some new shoes fo rher STAT! Here feet has grown, and she needed more room for her tootsies. It was not that great outside, cold and rainy. I was only wearing a t-shirt, so I was freezing. It was nice sitting down at a cafe over there with a cup of hot chocolate before heading home. She was very happy to have new shoes this morning!

Today is a short day for Sarah in school, which means she has to be picked up at 1:15 PM. That doesn't exactly work with the current work load I have, so I met up with the neighbor this morning and arranged a play date for Sarah after school.

Their grand kids stay with them during the days, and Sarah really enjoy playing with them. The boy is a little shy but very nice, and the girl is anything but shy but so sweat, and she adores Sarah. They all play very well together. It doesn't hurt they have a really cool playroom full of toys either!

So I can get some work done and Sarah will have fun, works out pretty good!

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Anonymous said...

hihi. kul att veta att ni har bara nån grad varmare än här i stockholm...
men det vänder nog snabbare för er... Här ska det tydligen gå åt det kallare håller igen enligt ryktena.