Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to reality

We have had some really nice relaxing days, Sarah and I (because Ken has been working as usual, of course). Today is Sarah's last day on Christmas break, and tomorrow, Tuesday, she will go back to school.

It feels kind of like we have been on vacation, not much work, lots of play and lots of nice, long walks. The weather has been lovely, usually around 80F/27C in the afternoon, but some cooler days as well.

Sarah has finally taken a likening to her bike, so we have gone on long walks/bike rides in a local park (over 2 miles/3 km each walk, pretty good for Sarah and the dogs to handle that).

We have also hiked in the Desoto National Park a few times; it seems I learn something new every time I go there... A place steeped in history, known and unknown. They have found settlements from the Indians that are almost 2,500 years old. Cool to walk along the shore there and imagine how life was for the people back then. The entire family, dogs and all, really like this national park.

So did I make any New Year's resolutions? No. I tend to get too ambitious and never uphold them, so why bother. But I am making an effort to improve my life a little this year. This means healthier food, less candy, more exercise, using more environmentally friendly products and hopefully also making new friends.

It just dawned on me the other day that the last person I know in town has moved! Except for the neighbors, there is not one single of my friends left in town! My closest friend lives 45 minutes north of here, which does not exactly lend itself to spontaneous visits...

Ken's closest friends have also moved away, and after a few years there is only really one he keeps in regular contact with. He works so much, which of course prevents him from having much of any social life, though he has acquaintances he enjoys.

So I am having a friend-crisis of sort. Very sad, since I consider friends (and family) to be essential in life. Without them I feel empty. So that is my situation. No local everyday friends anymore! 

I need to try and make new once, after all, Americans are known to move a lot (hence the friends that moved on from here to better jobs and such). I am sure I am not the only woman without friends here in town. There has to be a few newcomers that are eager to get to know new people.

Maybe I can get involved in Sarah's school, but the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) seems to be run by a few Nazi-inspired women who run everyone over to get what they want... Or arrange a play date for Sarah and one of her classmates? She sure would love that.

Another option that I was thinking about was a cooking class or two. Publix, our local grocery chain, has wonderful cooking classes, both hands on and with celebrity chefs that visit. I have been thinking about one of these classes anyway, and it might be a good place to meet people.

If you guys have other places or ideas to help me find some friends, let me know. Except for one fall back in Sweden when I lived on my own in a new city, I have never had this problem before, and I do not like it at all.

Everyday friends are so important!

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Saltistjejen said...

Det där med nya vänner är inte så lätt i vuxen ålder faktiskt. Jag tycker att det var lättare förr... Men har ju haft hjälp av mitt jobb. Jag umgså ju en hel del med mina jobbkompisar och även f d jobbkompisar. Men sedan vi flyttade hit så saknar jag ändå riktigt "nära" vänner.
Jag tycker att din matlagningskursidé låter superbra! Att träffas under sådana former är väl jättebra för då vet man att man har åtminstone ETT intresse gemensamt! Och vem gillar inte folk som gillar att laga mat! ;-)
Hoppas du lyckas att träffa fler vänner på nära håll. Det är verkligen viktigt tycker även jag.
Många kramar!