Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A "generation" of chairs...

Working from home does not require a lot for me. A great computer, a fast (super fast 30 Mbits baby!) Internet connection and a few well selected office supplies. But the one thing that really matters is the office chair. I have to be comfortable.

My first chair was Ken's old chair. Nothing wrong with it, comfy if maybe a bit worn. But it started to squeak a lot due to the ball bearings being busted, so a while back Ken gave me a new chair. This baby was very nice looking with shiny leather and a mesh back. Awesome I thought, now I can sit in style.

BUT pretty is not always comfy. After a few longer projects with a lot of sitting in my new fancy chair I realized it was torture on my back. I tried memory foam pillows and what nots, but the little back support thingy that sits behind the mesh was eating through it all.

Well, Ken use only Steelcase furniture for his office, a brand that is known to be of great quality and really last. He has all Steelcase furniture and Steelcase office chairs. These things are $1,500 each and a marvel of engineering. They look very plain, but they have great adjustability so the chair really can conform to fit your body form. I have been drooling over one of these chairs for a few months now, but considering the price tag, it was out of my chair budget.

But last week, finally, Ken brought home one for me. As a "loan" chair... But we will see about that. This chair and I have bonded, and I think it would be cruel to break up our great relationship. We were meant for each other!

My old trusty chair that was with me for 8 years (that is Stan under the blanket on top of the chair)
My second chair, very modern and cool looking with its leather and steel but OUCH!

The cream of the crop, my Steelcase chair, like sitting on whipped cream, if that was the most comfortable thing EVER! You are mine, MINE! They can never take you back, I am looking teh doors!!!

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